Our Stores

Whether this is your first day running, or you are in search of your fourth Olympic medal, Just Run is the store for you. Conveniently located in Bird Rock La Jolla, we are proud to be a community-based boutique that caters to all levels of walkers and runners.


Owner’s Statement

“I have always had a philosophy that everything we do in life should have passion, integrity, adaptability and style. That is exactly what Just Run has been built on. I have a passion for running, my community, new experiences and have always loved the shoe design industry. It is important for me to bring the best products, backed with good integrity, to the same neighborhood I call home. My goal was to have a specialty store that is not only passionate and skilled enough to sell a marathoner their ‘race-day shoes’, but at the same time provide the same quality of service for a routine walker/jogger, or the everyday ‘twenty-four seven’ customer. 

Let’s be real, We all want to feel good and look good, I am just making it easier to do both at the same time. And I love it! “

Justin Cipriani, Owner – JustRun