FREE Gait Analysis


Don’t want to ensure your risk of reduced injuries? Do you want the proper shoe for your individual foot strike? Or do you want to find out how you run? Get a FREE Gait Analysis at Any Just Run location.

Proper movement in any physical activity is key to avoiding stress and injury.  When we run, force moves up the kinetic chain from the moment the foot makes contact with the ground, through the ankle, knee, hip, and into the spine.  In plain english, this means the foot tells the ankle what to do, the ankle informs the knee, the knee informs the hip, and the hip informs the spine.

There are many components to healthy biomechanics and many ways to address the kinetic chain, but here at Just Run our primary focus is on Gait Analysis.  By examining each customer's degree of pronation, we are assessing the degree to which their feet stay in alignment. Our goal is to help every runner maintain a proper alignment in the first step of the kinetic chain so that every joint, muscle, and tendon further down the line is not experiencing an unhealthy distribution of force.  

Why EVERYONE can benefit from a Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is an important “first step” in finding what type of shoe is best for you. Gait Analysis is more than a quick observation of your foot strike. It involves a thorough analysis of your biomechanics movement, and that requires a highly individualized, proven method that considers your height, weight, age, gender and lifestyle. 

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