Best Running Apps for Your Smartphone

Best Running Apps for Your Smartphone

Get more out of your runs when you install these top running apps that will help boost your run! These apps can help track your stats, provide advice and workout plans, and keep you balanced.

Whether you're just starting and getting into running or you're a pro, these apps will help you get the most out of the miles you run. 

1. Strava Running and Cycling (Android, iOS: Free)

Strava lets you track your running and riding with GPS. You're able to join challenges and share photos from your running activities with your friends and people who follow you! The app records your running speed, the distance traveled, the time and the course of your run. Join millions of athletes and active people and reach your fitness goals!

2. Pace Calculator (Android, iOS: Free)

This app is perfect for all ranges of expertise in running. This app determines the pace and the speed you need to get to your desired targeted time and distance.

3. Vi trainer (Android, iOS: Free)

The Vi trainer app delivers running workouts that can be fun and are effective that start to adapt to you while you work out. This app also hosts community races where you can compete against others around the world. It is also equipped with a coach that shouts encouragement to keep you motivated on your run.

4. RunGo (Android, iOS: Free, with premium subscription)

This app is a run tracker and navigation aid that allows runners to explore new places whether it's in their town or they are traveling to a new place and don't know the area very well. 

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